Compact & Lightweight Powerful

The Geneinno S2 is a premium, portable water scooter you can take with you anywhere. Powered by advanced motors, the S2 lets you effortlessly fly through the water like a dolphin or glide on the surface with ease at speeds up to 2.7mph.

LightWeight & Portable

Constructed with only three main parts, the Geneinno S2 is a very practical sea scooter to travel with. At a lightweight 5.9 lbs, the S2 can fit in a backpack or a carry-on bag. Its small size is equivalent to a 15” Macbook, allowing you to take it anywhere.

Anti-rust Motor

The S2’s motors have an anti-rust coating, making them durable for over 1,000 hours in various scenarios, both in salt and freshwater. The excellent seal technique and water-cooling design ensures its high performance.

Diving like a pro

With a depth rating of 98 ft, you can rely on the Geneinno S2’s durability to explore even deeper in your underwater adventures. The S2’s positive buoyancy makes it easier to maintain depth and helps prevent it from being lost in the ocean.

Powered by 350W DC brushless motors, the Geneinno S2 provides up to a total of 22 lbs of thrust. The two-gear speed allows you to cruise through the water at a max speed of 2.7 mph and a low speed of 2 mph.

Parental Mode

With a positive buoyancy, The Geneinno S2 is suitable for all ages and is great to use in a swimming pool or in your favorite lake. The child-safe lock allows you to control the scooter via app while you watch your kids learn how to swim.

APP control

With the Geneinno APP, check the status of your S2, change settings and record the speed, depth, distance, light and battery. Share this info on your socials afterwards.

Compatible with GoPro

Mount your GoPro camera in front of the Geneinno S2 and capture every spectacular moment in the ocean. If you don’t have a GoPro, you can attach a light instead and illuminate uncharted underwater caves.

Spec Model : Geneinno S2
Weight : 5.9 lbs
Size : 19*10*6 inches
Max depth : 100ft
Speed : 2.0mph/2.7mph
Buoyancy : Positive
Working temperature : 0~40 °C
Compatibility : GoPro, light
Lock : Child safety lock
Energy Max Thrust : 22 lbs
Power : 180/350w
Batterie Capacité : 97.68Wh
Voltage : 22.2V
Charging time : 1.5~2H
App Connexion : Bluetooth 4.0 and above
Panel : Speed/distance/capacity/duration
Function : Speed control / social media share